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Best known as Santosh of ‘Naa Ana is Des Meri Laado’, Madhurjeet Sarghi is an Indian TV actress who has won the hearts of almost million of Indians through this character. She’s an actress who gained her popularity with many impactful roles in movies such as Agneepath (2012) and ‘Kesari’ (2019), playing inspirational roles in influential and National Film Award winning movie like ‘Firaaq’, ‘Summer 2007’ and ‘Manto’. She has also been the casting director of punjabi movie ‘Punjab 1984’, directed by her husband Anurag Singh also the director of extremely energizing movie ‘Kesari’.

Being a daughter of very well known director Harjeet Singh in the Film & Media industry, somewhere the fate has already been decided, attracting Sarghi towards her dreams time to time, but still it wasn’t that easy to make herself shine on this silver screen. Here are some parts of interesting interaction done with Sarghi about her life and upcoming movie ‘Chhapaak.’

When did you decide to become an actress?

I wanted to be an actor since childhood but never said it out loud, but after my first stage play in college I realized that it was my true calling.

How do you differentiate between a Theatre actor and a Bollywood actor?
An actor’s job is to grasp and interpret the role assigned to him/her and exhibit it with honesty, be it on stage or on screen.

How Sarghi is different or similar to your role Archana Bajaj in the upcoming movie Chhapaak?
Archana Bajaj’s outlook towards life is very similar to mine but I think she is way more sorted then me.

How did you felt when you got to know that you’re working with Meghna Gulzar?
I couldn’t believe my luck when I got to know that Meghna mam had liked my Audition and wanted me on board.

As a woman, what do you have to say about cases like acid attack, rape and other atrocities on women?
Any kind of violence scars the victim for life, Acid violence is possibly the worst infliction on another human but then your abuser is only as strong as your silence and as someone rightly said “there is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.”

As you and Meghna are both from literature background, so did that help you both in building a rapport, like sharing similar interests, favourite texts, etc?
Not just me but Meghna mam shared a good rapport with every actor on set. We never had time to share our personal interests but she is very receptive and made sure that the environment on set was conducive for everyone to give their best.

Biopics are in trend. Whose character would you like to play, if offered?

I find Maa Anand Sheela’s character very interesting.

How do you see your husband Anurag as a director, and which movie made by him is your favorite?
Anurag’s versatility as a director really impresses me a lot, after giving hit rom-coms like Jatt n Juliet 1 and 2, he did a very sensitive film like Punjab 1984, then he did a superhero film ‘Super Singh’ and then he did ‘Kesari’ a war film. I love how he steps out of his comfort zone and does full justice to his work. He considers himself a student of cinema and I see him growing every day. He inspires me a lot. My favourite film of his is ‘Punjab 1984’.

In this industry you need a lot of patience and will power. So, how do you deal with this pressure?
Initially I used to get a bit edgy but then I realized the futility of it. I now focus on understanding and improving my craft and aesthetics.

Share about your future projects?
I am preparing for my upcoming theatre shows now, and eagerly waiting for chhapaak’s release.

Madhurjeet Sarghi in Chhapaak Movie.


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