Mohali . Aykai Hospital, ludhiana today launched its Nephrology , dialysis and Transplant OPD services in MOHALI for KIDNEY patients in Collaboration with the SHALBY HOSPITAL by Renowned Urologist & Transplant Surgeon Dr. B S Aulakh , Chairman along with Dr Vivekanand Jha , Director Nephrology , Transplant medicine and clinical research, Aykai Hospital,Ludhiana. This is another patient-centric measure taken by the healthcare providers to empower patients with accessibility to quality healthcare services. facility.This iniatiative will provide expert advice to the folks in the field of Nephrology & kidney Transplant services. This OPD service will be beneficial for all patients across age brackets, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. suffering from diseases of kidney failure needing kidney transplant. Moreover, residents of MOHALI and nearby regions will be able to avail the best consultation and treatment ,without the inconvenience of travelling to a different city. Dr B S Aulakh and Dr Vivekanand Jha said, “People often come to us with various issues such as pain, weight loss and poor appetite, swollen ankles, feet or hands, puffiness under the eyes, shortness of breath, tiredness, blood in urine, an increased need to urinate, particularly at night, difficulty sleeping, dry and itchy skin which are related to CKD. During this phase Prevention plays a pivotal role. This is because treating a CKD patient is more expensive than preventing the disease altogether or curbing it in the initial stages. Regular health check-ups for screening of such conditions in the early phase are a must as this will not only help to reduce the financial burden on the patient but also on the society, as a whole will be immensely benefited in the city and nearby region.

We have already established ourselves as a tertiary care centre in Ludhiana by virtue of having state of the art technology and a blend of the finest medical and surgical skills but now our focus is to serve the people in other cities so that the quality of life becomes better. The Aykai Hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Modular Operation Theatres, Highly Qualified Nursing Staffs .The focus towards improving the techniques and technologies has made surgeries safe, minimally invasive and cost-effective. Dr BS Aulakh said, “At Aykai Hospital, our endeavor is to equip the common man with relevant information pertaining to health related issues. To combat this lifestyle disease, our OPDs will offer consultation and will encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This OPD is going to be a valuable addition to the healthcare infrastructure of SHALBY HOSPITAL by providing world-class treatment solutions to patients in the city right at their doorsteps. Our comprehensive services will include all consultations and investigations and providing end to end services for the treatment. Aykai Hospital a unit of Aulakh healthcare aims to provide best healthcare solutions to the society. Our healthcare offerings are supported by the team of highly skilled medical professionals with great experience, who have expertise in their respective fields. Aykai hospital is serving the society with its world class facilities and has the privilege for quality medical & surgical treatment revolutionizing the medical treatment in India. The main focus of the hospital is on excellence, in patient care and innovation.”


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