Ludhiana fashion designer Richa Mongia Goel comes up with designer masks


Mehak Mahajan

With this coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become so necessary to wear. Without them, we cannot think of going out. Simple masks are being shifted into designer masks these days as a fashion statement. The fashion designers want to add style as it is becoming an everyday accessory. People are getting bored of wearing simple masks. These designer face masks are in trend now and basically a female needs a mask similar to her dress.

Fashion designer Richa Mongia Goel.

For these new fashionable masks RICHA MONGIA GOEL, a Fashion Designer based in Ludhiana has introduced so many news designs. “My main intuition for making these designer masks is – to get rid of wearing boring surgical masks and to make fashionable masks similar to clothes – said Richa. There are different masks for different categories which has been recently introduced by Richa. Customized masks are made for weddings, birthday parties, baby masks, character masks and hand painted masks all according to the requirement. A new concept of safety is also evolving i.e. cotton fabric gloves in this market by her.

Fashion masks have received a good response and now everyone’s aim is to continue selling face masks for customers to add on style. People began to opt for colorful designer masks .In the fashion world, everyday there is a new trend for clothes, accessories and footwear, which attracts youth, men and women so much. So, now it will be interesting to see how many people will accept this new trend of fashionable masks.


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