Hike of pornography sites in pandemic situation


-Bhavna Kundra

In this pandemic situation, everyone is staying in their homes. People don’t have jobs due to lockdown and students are also staying at home. Study of school, colleges and universities have been shifted to online classes, so that students can stay connected to studies. On the other side, we all know the usage of internet is on hike nowadays. Some people are using it in good way and some are not.
In the Lockdown, Due to Covid-19, a rise has been observed in the situation of mens’ desire of physical intimacy and watching pronography. A research have proved that the increase of pronography sites have been boosted by 4%, and India is on the top of the list of watching porn.The data is taken from India Today. These kind of sites had banned by the government, but some people are still watching it by breaking rules. The data showed that India registered a 20% Jump in consuming porn content even before the official restrictions. Although several Indian Telecom operaters have blocked a number of adult sites, but the content can still be accused on miror domains.
The government is not taking any strict actions towards these sites. There should be a strict law. This kind of content is not good for anyone. Many big companies are supporting this content. Just because of these pornography sites, online drugs dealing has also increased which is not safe for children.
The government has ordered people to stay home, so that the contact of coronavirus may not increase but people are wasting their time by watching inappropriate content. Some sites are offering 20-30% discount, and few are giving 30 days free trial to attract people to watch top most content of their sites. If the government will not take any decision, these sites and companies will make more & more profit day by day. Pornography sites are also destroying the future of our generation. Mens’ sexual desire is also rising in this pandemic. There is a need to think seriously on this.



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