Excessive use of sanitizers can lead to many skin problems, Read here some solutions


Mehak Mahajan | Jalandhar City

Covid-19 has made us use sanitizer in our daily life. Excessive use of sanitizers is leading to many skin problems. A Skin Specialist Dr. Tarunveer Singh told some precautions against skin problems. He said – sanitizers are excessively being used since 3 months. Many skin problems are faced by the people these days.

Dr. Tarunveer, who runs Dr. Kumar’s S-Thetics Skin & Dental Clinic in Model Town, Jalandhar said that due to corona people are using sanitizers very frequently which are leading to skin problems. Dry skin, skin burning and skin allergy like problems have come up. Mostly sanitizers are alcohol based and it takes up the moisture out of our hands. So, sanitizers must be used only when it is highly needed. Besides sanitizer, mild soaps and handwash can also use to keep hands germs free. After using sanitizers, do apply a moisturizer on hands. This will not let skin get damaged.

skin problems usually occur due to change in weather, pollution and humudity. change in weather can cause fungal infections, pigmentation, acne and dry skin.

Care for your skin and eat healthy food. Drink excess water daily, it makes our skin really healthy and glowy. Use moisturizer on regular basis.

Tips to stay away from skin problems

• Use mild soaps and hand wash.
• Use sanitizer (if highly needed)
• Use face masks and disposable gloves.
• Hands should be moisturized every time.
• Drink lots of water for healthy skin.


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